HUMANS OF TSERAKVI: The face of the georgian Village

We all are just humans. Doesn’t matter where we live and what we are doing in our life, we anyways are surrounded with the same ones as we are. We are in the constant process of sharing, learning, discovering and living. That’s why we should know about each other and never forget where we came from. We shouldn’t distance ourselves from the others, conversely we should know more about each other. This thoughts was the reason why two EVS-volunteers decided to make a project about the inhabitants of the small unknown village somewhere in the south-east of Georgia. A project, which gonna show the people who are living there without almost all that we have, but with the absolute kindness in their hearts. The name of the project wasn’t searched for the long time, the title was clear – Humans of Tserakvi.

The aim of “Humans of Tserkvi” is to show a real face of the Georgian remote places. While in the advertisement we see amazing Georgia with great landscapes, tasty food, awesome resorts, bunch of activities etc, a lot of Georgian villages are struggling for surviving. Tserakvi is not mentioned in the tourist books, even a lot of Georgians doesn’t know where it is located. It is one of the thousands of the villages, forgotten by the God and government. People here doesn’t have jobs, they live in complicated conditions, mostly without water and street light, and everything what is left for them are hopes and endless landscapes. Tserakvi in this project stands as a generalized symbol of Georgian forgotten villages.

Tserakvi is located near the Georgian / Armenian / Azerbaijan border. Population of the village ranges between 50 – 200 people, mostly they are pensioners. Because of the cold winter and complicated conditions, at this time of the year people must leave the village to the relative’s places in towns. Here is no any single pharmacy or grocery shop, big problems with the water and heating, total unemployment and just 1 bus per day that connects the village with the bigger town.


Work on the project is still going. In nearest times authors will share more pictures, interviews and a documentary.

Humans of Tserakvi was done in August-September 2015 in Georgia by journalists/photographers Anna Perepechai (Ukraine) and Iwa Pawlak (Poland). The project was done in frames of EVS, in which authors were involved in 2014-2015 while working with German cultural organization Kultur Aktiv.

Humans of Tserakvi was realized with the support of  STEP Beyond Travel Grant / European Cultural Foundation.

Authors are also very thankful for the support to Kultur AktivFundacja Inna Przestrzeń and One Caucasus Festival team.