Kultur Aktiv: Your #1

Soundkarte Radio nEUROPA_avatarYou can find them in every bar; everyone looks into the boxes (auricularly or not) and takes a funny post card once in a while. In this year, Kultur Aktiv starts a new action: the collectable post card by Kultur Aktiv. Now they’re floating around in Dresden: get your#1! And it’s more than just a boring card: it’s suitable for collecting, sending, reading, but above all: each card contains one special attribute.

Our #1 is a sound card: try to crack the QR code with your smart phone and listen to Radio nEUROPA. Listening is worth it anyway: on upcoming Monday, 03/03, 6pm-7pm, live on air again 98.4 & 99.3 MHz or online: www.coloradio.org, then about the issue: Russia. Especially now, after Sotchi, another detainment of hundreds of people and after the change in the Ukraine, this is an exciting topic! Including interviews with experts, a lot of music and topic related news.

Further post cards will be published later this year, look forward to it and collect enthusiastically! Let’s see if Santa Claus finds a great surprise for the most creative, hardest working hunters, collectors and senders.

Thanks for the friendly support by machzwei, Artfabrik Dresden, Bunte Medien and Becherovka. Well then, na zdravi!