Exhibition “5 Jahre Galerie NEUE OSTEN” – until 10.01.2017

– 5 years of gallery NEUE OSTEN – The anniversary –


On the 11th of November the gallery NEUE OSTEN celebrated its 5th birthday.

Photographers from altogether 29 exhibitions were chosen – a BEST OF. Together with different photographers who had found themselves in the gallery in the last few years, guests, friends and team members, we made journey to the past. Everyone recalled the past five years, talked about experiences and perspectives.

Five years full of exciting things happening, interesting photographs on the walls of the gallery and people getting to know each other. All in all it was a succeeded throwback and a definitely venerable annual closure in gallery NEUE OSTEN.

Special thanks go to Laura Schulze, Paula Voigt and Matthias Schumann who was the curator of the anniversary exhibition.

Galerie NEUE OSTEN, Bautzner Straße 49, 01099 Dresden