Crowdfunding – BMECTE:GEMEINSAM “Project Д”

Privjet dear Kultur Aktiv members and friends,

It’s time again for our german-russian project BMECTE:GEMEINSAM and we need your help! On the one hand it’s for a good purpose. It should keep the people of the two different countries together and prevent a polarization despite the difficult times. On the other hand we have a very cool trio waiting in the wings with our “project Д“, but our financial support isn’t even enough for a Duo! So a Trio with two musicians is like a football team without a goalkeeper… We will play in 14 cities within 23 days, from Vladivostok to Kazan; 14 concerts TOGEHTER:BMECTE with russian bands , more than 14 lectures at universities. We’ll get in contact with hundreds of people. It’s all for the purpose ofthe common cause.

For you, the musicians have prepared some cool deals that you can get by donating. Believe it or not, but the campaign wasn’t even one hour online until the first living room-concert was booked! So let’s do it TOGETHER:BMECTE!

Even without money you can support us: join our group via facebook) and show your support for an idea we created TOGETHER.

Thank you & dawaj dawaj!

Mirko & the members of Kultur Aktiv