Those were our Events of the Europawoche 2016!

Within the scope of this years European week, we were able to display the present and future significance of cultural exchange and cooperation with Europes partners in Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus. During our events we succeeded in raising awarness and interesting lots of people in the subject, regardless of the current difficult and gridlocked situation of conflict.Our series of events consisting of a panel discussions, a radio show, a reading, an artistic presentation, a concert and a final photo exhibition (view program here!) allowed us to adress topics of cultural exchange with our eastern partners in a sensible and at the same time creative manner. In doing so, we opened up a conversation between our speakers and the approximately 600 guests. The cultural context of these events increased the accessibility of the subject and generated a relaxed atmosphere for our visitors, while at the same time granting us with enough space for an exchange of ideas. We’d like to say many thanks to all the parties involved for there contribution!

You will find the best photos of the events here:

„Has the EU reached it’s limits? – Challenges for European politics using the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia as an example“

Panel discussion with Dr. Jürgen Martens (Minister of State for justice and Europe off duty and Vice President of the European Liberal Forum), Mykola Dzychka (Artist Ivano-Frankivsk/UA) and Andrej Steinmark (Festival Organizer/RU)

When? Sunday, May 1st 2016, 15:00 CEST – 17:00 CEST

Where? Former Galerie Treibhaus, Katharinenstr. 11-13, 01099 Dresden

„Radio nEUROPA“ – Radio Show for the European Week
Moderation: Jasmin Schiebold, Technic: Bert Giesa
When? Monday, 02.05.2016, 18-19pm
Where? coloradio – free broadcasting in Dresden/DE (98,4 & 99,3 MHz)

You can listen to the show as podcast here

„Love letters from Minsk“ – Reading session for the recently published book of Nadine Lashuk with the same title (in DE: Liebesgrüße aus Minsk)
Vortragende: Nadine Lashuk
When? Monday,02.05.2016, 20.30-22.30pm
Where? Book store Bücher’s Best, Louisenstr. 37, 01099 Dresden/DE

„The breath of war“ – Film evening about the conflict in Donbass
Moderation: Oxana Evdokimova
Lecturer: Elena Pagel (also curator), Natalija Bock, Matthias Zuber
When? Tuesday, 03.05.2016, 19:30 – 22pm
Where? Kino Thalia, Görlitzer Strasse 6, 01099 Dresden/DE

„Die Ukrainiens“ – Live concert with Russian and Ukrainian songs
Music: band „Die Ukrainiens“, Dresden/DE
When? Thursday, 05.05.2016, 21-24pm
Where? Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistr. 3, 01099 Dresden/DE

„Yekaterinburg 2.0“ – presentation of contempoary art from Yekaterinburg/RU
Lecturer: Sergey Poteryaev (RU)
Interpreter: Svetlana Guseva
When? 06.05.2015, 19-21pm
Where? difo – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung, Pulsnitzer Str. 6, 01099 Dresden/DE

„Westend“ – Opening event with current photographies from the Russian enclave
Lecturer: Jan Oelker, Matthias Schumann (curator), Juri Pawlow/RU
When? Saturday, 07.05.2015, 19pm
Where? Galerie NEUE OSTEN, Bautzner Str. 49, 01099 Dresden/DE

Benita Horst, Marcus Oertel (discussion 01.05.16),
Jacqueline Zelinka (reading session 02.05.2016),
Marcus Oertel (film evening 03.05.2016),
Falk Pinkert (concert 05.05.2016),
Elena Pagel (presentation 06.05.2016),
Sandro Hanke, Juri Pawlow (opening event 07.05.2016)

In cooperation with:

Coloradio – Radioinitiative Dresden
Bücher’s Best
Kino Thalia Dresden
difo – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung
Alten Feuerwache Loschwitz
Stiftung Osterberg für Kunst und Kultur
Atelier Schwartz

Supported by the Free State of Saxony and the Wilhelm-Külz-Foundation: