Lustgarten- Festival als Teil der BRN in Dresd

For the 11th time already on 13-15th June, Dresden’s most extraordinary annual event “Bunte Republik Neustadt” (EN: Coloured Republic of Neustadt) – shortly: BRN – opened up it doors to tens of thousand guests in the streets of Neustadt. A big variety of offers everywhere – food and drinks, music and dance performances from all the corners of the world. And still, there is the impeccable part of BRN – Lustgarten.

What you will never find at a festival you will find at Lustgarten – with its annual edition of passports, innovative audiovisual show, playground for kids with horses and other attractions. With its info center representing not only the festival programs but also “artefacts” from Dresden’s BRN museum , Lustgarten makes a retrospective approach showcasing the historical and cultural elements of this unique micro nation- Bunte Republik Neustadt, by whom the BRN festival was initiated. Kultur Aktiv, which is the main organizer of Lustgarten, has a nice tradition of creating special BRN articles such as envelopes, T-shirts… This year it took only one hour for the creative BRN stamps to be sold out. Those who didn’t even manage to see them, can find samples and other editions from previous Lustgartens in the BRN museum.

This year it started with nice performances of bands from Dresden and kept the audience hanging around the Lustgarten venue for hours dancing and enjoying the nice artistic environment. The music program represented international alternative bands from Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and Japan. There you could listen to a nice fusion of rock music with classical instruments, acoustic music on the small stage or Russian retro music, partly in a German language interpretation by the very popular Leningrad band, folk rock and even Zumba.

„At the festival I met a lady who had the oldest BRN passport from 1991,” said Mirko Sennewald, the organizer of Lustgarten, in a talk after the festival. “In fact BRN represents a shared history and culture within our society that has been passed through generations to us”. “It’s incredible how BRN is organized independtly, without any coordination. This year it was the best BRN in terms of organizational issues and the program. The only thing we need to do is further promoting BRN within our society and passing this heritage of Bunte Republik Neustadt to the coming generations”.

BRN is 99% financed by selling beer and food and nearly 1% sponsoring. So there is a great opportunity for everyone willing to join the preparation works. This time there was a group of volunteers who started by joining Claudia Re’s workshop of making huge red trees and kept supporting the team till the last moment. For this Kultur Aktiv conveys its deep gratitude to them. Though Lustgarten will have to change its address for the next year, it promises to be as big a success as it was this year.

LUSTGARTEN 2014 – official Photo collection at the website of organiser Kultur Aktiv!

Link ot official website of Lustgarten Festival!