Janouk – “Dresden ich male dich”

29. September 2018 bis 30. September 2018
12:00 - 16:30
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Galerie nEUROPA
Bautzner Straße 49, 01099 Dresden, Deutschland

Live Painting as part of the project “Dresden, I paint you! & exhibition of selected works

Dresden, I paint you’ shows in pictures personalities of people, who in connection with
of the city of Dresden. Under the call “Are you from Dresden? Do you live in Dresden? Are you perhaps visiting
Dresden? Send me a picture and I’ll draw you! Send me a picture and I’ll draw you” is how the artist Janouk, who lives in Dresden, has been drawing people in and from Dresden since 2016. As an autodidact Janouk interprets the personalities of the models for ‘Dresden ich mal Dich’ in her pictures. “The aim is a large, colourful picture of the people of this city – in portraits and short texts they describe their relationship to the city and reveal individual insights.
The statement – “Dresden is colourful! … and as diverse as each individual himself!

Session Dates | Live Painting

Sat 12-16:30 o’clock
Sun 13-16:30 o’clock

At the Neustadt Art Festival you can also have Janouk draw you live in the gallery Neuropa. For all those who prefer not to sit live portrait, there are contact lists where you can sign up for the project. Further information can be found here:


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