EVS 2013 in Portrait: Marta

My name´s Marta Wierzbowska and I come from Bialystok, a town which is located in the North Eastern part of Poland. I studied at the University of Silesia with a specialization on Graphic Arts and Graphic Design. This year I´ve gained my master degree. I am mostly interested in traditional graphic techniques, modern art and contemporary graphic design. Practically every sphere of art excites me. One of my main activities is taking part in Polish youth Esperanto movement. During 6 years I gained some experience in co-organizing international events and working as a graphic designer for local events mostly connected with Esperanto – an international language. I am EVS volunteer in Kultur Aktiv since October 2013. I hope to have fun while working with events preparation and to try my skills in every field of Kultur Aktiv actions. Furthermore I support the work of conduco e.V., as association for Polish – German Exchange in Dresden.

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