GOING PUBLIC – Exhibition until the 13.10.2015

On September 11 our exhibition opening for “going public” took place in the gallery NEUE OSTEN. We want to thank all our guests for their interest. Also Levon Fljyan was there to explain the meaning and backgrounds of the protests and of his pictures and has answered the guest’s questions.

Going Public
As part of Transkaukazja 2015 the artist will show photographs from riots andprotests in Armenia. The pictures are based on the term “art as a key to freedom”. On our website, you can find a lot of information about Tranzkaukazja 2015 and the contributing artists.

Already at 16:00 guests and artists together took part in a panel discussion about the topic “Art as the Key to Freedom”. Moderator and expert for the Caucasus, Dr. André Fleck, has worked himself as a connection between the artists and guests. The discussion took place in the community hall of the Martin-Luther-Church, Martin-Luther-Platz 5 01099 Dresden (by foot only 3 minutes away from the gallery). After the discussion the artists together with many guests directly want to the vernissage in the gallery.

Vernissage: September 11 at 19:00
Exhibition is to be seen from September 11 to October 13

Bautzner Str. 49
01099 Dresden

The project is supported by the Cultural Foundation of Saxony and the programme Wir für Sachsen, and the European Cultural Foundation.

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