Goldstrand – photography from Bulgaria

Bulgaria; Sunny Beach and economic taillight of the EU, delicious Balkan foods and corruption, Bulgarian wine and bank-scandals… .
It gives not many more other countries in the EU who have so much contradiction, like the country between the Black Sea in the east and Serbia or Macedonia in the West, between Romania in the north and Turkey in the south. Be located at the edge of Europe, it was anytime also a center and meeting place of different cultures, like Russian, Ottoman or middle Europe. In the exhibition a couple of photographers from Varna, at the Black Sea, approach them self’s to the phenomenon Bulgaria. At one side the focus is on the beautiful nature of the Balkan country but also on the Culture and the everyday life. Indispensable is a look to the culture of celebrations.

Foto: Svetlan Stefanov
Foto: Svetlan Stefanov
Foto: Petar Delchev - Buzludzha
Foto: Petar Delchev – Buzludzha








Golden Beach – Photographs from Bulgaria
of: Petar Delchev, Rumyana Teneva, Svetlan Stefanov, Yasen Kazandjiev

07.11.2014 – 05.01.2015
Vernissage: 07.11.2014, 7 pm

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