Kultur Aktiv in Wroclaw 2016

A group of 25 cultural activists has travelled from 13th – 16th May 2016 to Dresden’s closest twin city, Wroclaw – this year also a European Cultural Capital. An exciting city with various possibilities was waiting for us, from those all have been benefited: Culture, arts, history, urbanity, night life, soccer culture and other spare time activities. At 13th May some of us have visited the opening event of the exhibition „OSTRALE_weht_ODER“, which presented a selection of contemporary art from Dresden. Three of us also were engaged in this exhibition. Afterwards we walked through the beautiful historical center of Wroclaw, have discovered some of the Odra islands and the creative district Nadordze which has reminded us so much on our home district Neustadt in Dresden some 10 – 15 years ago. During a final common diner at the last evening we’ve reviewed our experiences and impressions – a perfect trip with Kultur Aktiv!

Thanx to all for making this trip unique!

Photos: Andrej Romenski, Elena Pagel, Jacqueline Zelinka, Marcus Oertel, Nils Brabandt, Peter R. Fischer, Peter Zimolong, Thomas Haase