My EFD in Armenia

It has always been obvious to me that you have to go a different way from all the others to actually discover new things. When you, like me, want to take a gap year after school in another country Australia or the US do not seem to be that exciting anymore and doing Work & Travel… ugh.

“You only meet Germans along the way anyways.”

Not many people have heard of the European Volunteering Service, though – and the attached strings do not make it any less attractive to me.

As I wanted to avoid being part of the mainstream again, though, I did my volunteering service in Armenia. A country, I wouldn’t have been able to point at on a map as I decided to go there in the summer of 2015. I decided to teach English and German and to finally get to know Caucasus more.

When you are then interested in nature and culture, are open when meeting new people and bring the right shoes for the countless hikes (I forgot the shoes honestly – but whatever!), there’s nothing that can stop you from having an awesome year with loads of new experiences and permanent friendships.

Thank you, Kultur Aktiv, for supporting me in all kinds of organisation.

Sepp Vogel