MINORITY REPORT: until 04.07.2015

In an increasingly globalised world there are still regions where minorities try to continue their culture and traditions by acting them out every day. This is the case for the Huzuls from the Carpathians as well as the Sorbs that live in the Eastern parts of Germany. In order to make these unique cultures accessible to the people and also to preserve these cultures to some extend photographers from Germany and Ukraine went to those peoples’ regions to get a photographic perspective on them. The resulting works on one hand show the cultures as they are and on the other hand how Huzuls and Sorbs see themselves.
For the vernissage the photographers were present and gladly answered the questions of the interested audience. The photographs can be seen until 04.07.2015 in the Gallery NEUE OSTEN.

On 4th of May our colleagues from the Ukrainian fotoclub COLUMB” will visit “Alten Feuerwache Loschwitz”. There they will present the image of Ukraine, which will show the other side of the country in addition to the Maidan. Also a separate exhibition will be held in our gallery NEUE OSTEN – we are inviting everyone to Vernissage on May 5 at 19:00.

Links to events:
–> https://www.facebook.com/events/956971667659145/
–> http://feuerwache-loschwitz.de/galerie.html

Opening: Tuesday, 05 May 2015 at 19:00

05.05. 07.07. 2015
Bautzner Strasse 49
01099 Dresden