Region Ustí – a European region to experience!

Region Ustí – a European region to experience!

The focus ison the border-crossing exchange between Czechs and Germans in the Euroregion Elbe/Labe. The region Ustí has the chance to present itself through artistic-cultural events in Dresden and Pirna. For this, people from Ustí are invited so it comes to a meeting and exchange between Czechs and Germans. Our Czech partner Collegium Bohemicum supports us in the fields of choosing the artists and participants and takes care of the public relations in Czech Republic. For this purpose there are events happening in Ustí as well that introduce the activities and offer lifts to Dresden and Pirna to visit the events.

Photo symposium: “Melodies of a Landscape”

At the end of September Czech and German photographers of the border region meet up in Mikulášovice to find impressions together they would like to capture photographically. The each four photographers from Czech Republic and Germany will wander both sides of the border, explore special places and meet local people. With that, content of this region that concerns the border-crossing cooperation is taken up: stories and fables, historic event, specific places and people.

The organisation in terms of content is taken over by artist and photograph Holger Wendland. The results of the symposium will be published in the form of stories and photographs in the series “pARTisanen” (pub. by Holger Wendland & Kultur Aktiv) and shared at the end of the projects.

27.09.-01.10.2016 photo symposium: “Melodies of a Landscape”, Mikulášovice/Nixdorf

Region Ustí as a part of Pragomania during the Czech-German Days of Culture

As a part of the Czech-German Days of Cultures which is the biggest Czech cultural event outside of Czech Republic, Kultur Aktiv has been organising the series of events “Pragomania” that is directed towards a young audience with lots of concerts and suchlike. This year, there will be artists of the region Ustí as well. To the concert, we’ll invite guests from the region, too who will be taken there by bus shuttles. On top of everything we will invite some experienced table football players and their fans to the Kicker Cup so they can play table football together with the German players and get into conversation with them.

03.11.2016          Pragomania Student Stage with “F.S.“(CZ), Club Aquarium, Dresden/DE

05.11.2016          Pragomania Punk’n Czech with „Hopes“ & „Backfist“ (Liberec/CZ), Club Novitatis, Dresden/DE

13.11.201615.     Pragomania Kicker Cup, Club Katy’s Garage

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Presentation at Canalettomarket in Pirna

Saxony is famous for its Christmas markets that attract thousands of locals and guests from all over the world. In front of this magnificent backdrop we will perform a cultural programme with Czech artists about the region Ustí at Canalettomarket in Pirna. In addition to that there will be booths with information about the region Ustí as well as typical products from there.

03.-04.12.2016 Cultural Programme with music and booths from the region Ustí at Canalettomarket in Pirna

The project “Region Ustí – a european region to experience” is supported with funds from the European Union.