ROAD ME: Humans of Tserakvi (Georgia)

Two girls, one project, small Georgian village, a lot of wine and no less adventures.

We would like to invite you for the last Road Me event, which is made by us: Iwa and Anna.

This time we want to share with you our experience from the trip to Georgia which we’ve done just 2 weeks ago. Since that time we can’t get rid of nostalgia about this wonderful country. We still have in our eyes that gorgeous landscapes, we still remember that tasty food and we can’t forget people who we’ve met. So we hope that during this presentation we can pass you this ‘georgianlove’ virus and you will know where to travel next time 😉

Our presentation will consist of 3 parts:

1. Georgia
We will describe our trip to Georgia, adventures we had and tell some interesting facts about this country. Also we will share some tips, so you will know how to prepare yourself for Georgian hospitality, how to navigate in the country with crazy/beautiful alphabet, what to eat, what to drink etc.

2. Humans of Tserakvi
We will make a presentation of our project Humans of Tserakvi. This was a photo-video project about people who live in this small village at the south-east of Georgia. We were looking for a typical hero, Kafka’s everyman, to ask about everyday life in godforsaken place. And we’ve met incredibly sincere people! We would like to introduce them to you.

3. How to apply for the travel grant if you are an artists
Our project and idea was realized with the support of the Step Beyond travel grant. We’ll introduce you this cool opportunity from all the possible sides!

See you in Atelier Schwartz, dear travelers and friends!