Road Me: Syria. Beyond the Frame

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What is happening now in Syria? What is the genesis of this cruel domestic war? What can I do to help Syria? If you want to find the answer of any of these questions, the next Road Me event is for you.

On 17th of June as part of the Road Me project we won’t show any travel pictures, instead we will tell you a story of filmmaker Tamer Alawam and his photographer Claudia Ruff, who wanted to show us the Syrian civil war from the inside. It was supposed to become a film about love, hope and respect for the people, who have, for four years now, been confronted with the realities of war. But the vision the two of them shared was destroyed in a grenade attack on September 9th 2012, during which Tamer lost his life. All that is left, is Tamer’s perspective in form of digital film footage on a hard drive which Claudia brought back to Germany … Now two filmmakers, our guests and Tamer’s friends are trying to answer some questions connected with Tamer’s decision to leave Germany and go to the war. They will present a project of documentary movie ‘Beyond the frame’ about Tamer’s and his determination to act …

Beside presentation of movie concept we will have discussion about the background of the Syrian conflict. Two former members of the Syrian opposition will give us first hand information about the civil war in Syria.

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Road Me: Beyond the Frame

Wednesday, 17th June 2015, 20:00

Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistraße 3, 01099 Dresden

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