SHOOTING EASTWARDS: Exhibition still until 07.09.2015

On August 7 at 19:00, we opened our exhibition. There were a lot of guests and also the photographers themselves to explain their pictures and the storys behind them.

The East: the endless siberian expanses or the neighborhood just around the corner? Vladivostok or East England? A direction or an attitude? What do I connect with this term? What does EAST mean to me? Our summer exhibition should give you a photographic answer to these questions.

We asked young photographers about that. Anna Perepechai, Iwa Pawlak, Michael Merkel, Simon Wolf and others captured their own individual experiences and perspectives with SHOOTING EASTWARDS. Their spectrum is enriched by the fact that these photographers are from different countries (Ukraine, Poland, Germany). In advance of SHOOTING EASTWARDS, all photographers met in Dresden in surrounding of Kultur Aktiv.

SHOOTING EASTWARDS – views on ‘the east’ of the young photography of Dresden

The exhibition is to be seen, until September 7.


Bautzner Str. 49
01099 Dresden