Call to participate: Photos for „Shooting Eastwards II” – Until 01.07.2016!

Eastside; deep Siberian space or your neighborhood around the corner? Vladivostok, East England or Eastside gallery? A geographic direction, a swearword, a feeling, vision or an aversion? What do you see/imagine when you think EAST? What does the term mean to you? After the sucessfull first „shooting eastwards“ exhibition last year we would like to show your point of view in our summer exhibition.

Send up to three photographs in .JPG-format, size max. 50 cm long side, 300dpi to The selected photos will be shown in July and August in the NEUE OSTEN gallery.

Photo: Peter R. Fischer

Deadline for sending your photos is 1st of July 2016!

22.07. – 07.09.2016 “Shooting Eastwards”
Positionen junger Fotografie zum Thema „Die Osten“

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01099 Dresden

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