Open Call Fotosymposium 27.09.-01.10.2016!

Kultur Aktiv calls photographers to participatein the photo symposium “Melodies of a landscape” which will take place from 27th September till 1st October in Mikulášovice/CZ in the Czech-German Elbe-Labe border region (Czech information below). Participants can be artists and designers of all genres who accept photography as part of their expression, including also ambitioned and experienced amateurs. No limit of age!

Project idea:

The unique border region of the so called Saxon/Czech Switzerland is in the middle of the focus of this „syn-aesthetic“ photographic image of a sound pattern, as melody of a landscape, with all of its parts: hills, forests, rivers, houses, monuments, peculiarities, and people who live there.

The sound, the melody should primarily shape this specific photography. Secondarily – but not obligatory – essays or short statements can be added, linked to the pictures. They can be used in the planned catalogue.

Melodies of a landscape – a Czech–German photographic symposium

With the partners Collegium Bohemicum from Ústí nad Labem and Kultur Aktiv e.V. from Dresden, Supported by Interreg V A (fonds for small projects)

Location:          Border region of Saxony and northern Czech near Mikulášovice/CZ
Date:                     27th September till 1st October 2016
Participants:   4 Czech and 4 German participants with residence in the European Elbe-Labe region

Conditions of the project:

Accommodation, catering & travel are covered by us (fee for artist is not allowed by program Interreg V A though) during the time 27th September till 1st October 2016 in Hinterhermsdorf.

We will print a catalogue including the results of the photographic symposium. Each participating photographer will receive 5 printed catalogues.

Furthermore we will present the artworks on our website “Radio nEUROPA“ ( on prominent place. Later online publishing in social media is planned too.

Additionally we will present the results on our international conference Club nEUROPA (in the frame of Music:Match event) as a part of an exhibition in Dresden. The participants of the symposium will receive full accreditation for the conference where they can see the program, network and gain new international contacts.

Conditions for participants/photographers/artists:

The stay in the accommodation in Mikulášovice is compulsory for all participants during the symposium.

Each participant allows us to print her/his artworks in the catalogue. Kultur Aktiv has the copy right for the first edition of this print. The authors’ rights of the participants remain unaffected.

Each participant agrees to participate in the exhibition during the international conference Club nEUROPA and later to provide her/his pictures for another exhibition on the Czech-German cultural ship “Nike”.

Call for download in Czech: Melodie krajiny_CZ_fix

Call for download in English: Melodies of a landscape_call for part_fix


The project “Region Ustí – a european region to experience” is supported with funds from the European Union.