Transcausian Contribution

From 12 to 18 November , Caucasian guitarists Gagik Arakelyan and Robert Melkumyan stayed in Dresden. Both guitarists have performed at the opening event to “Unity & Splitting” on Friday, 11/13/2015 in the former Gallery Treibhaus, Katharinenstraße 11-13, 01099 Dresden. They also have used their time in Dresden to get into interaction with local musicians. Both will be accompanied by choirmaster Nina Grigoryan. Here you can see first photos:


Friday 13th November:
12:00 am  – first meeting with Prof. Ekkehard Klemm at Musical University Dresden
17:30 pm – musical contribution at opening event of the  exhibition “Unity & Splitting”, former gallery Treibhaus, Dresden

Saturday 14th November:
14:00 pm – visiting rehearsal of Prof. Ekkehard Klemm at Musical University Dresden
17:00 pm – visiting rehearsal of Matthias Grünert at Frauenkirche Dresden (Mozart Requiem), Nina stays for concert at 20:00 pm
21:00 pm – Jam Session with Gagik & Robert, together with musician of local Band Aralez, 4 Packs a day and friends, area at Schlachthof Dresden

Sunday 15th November:
11:00 am – excursion to Meißen, visitation of cathedral and castle

Monday 16th November:
11:00 pm – visitation at music shop Zoundhouse Dresden
21:00 pm – visit of Jazzfanatics concert at Scheune music club, meeting with the musicians

Tuesday 17th November:
10.00 am – excursion in Dresden: Old Master gallery & Transperent Factory

Gagik Arakelyan & Robert Melkumyan are versatile experts of their instrument with a repertoire of different rock varieties to jazz and blues to folk. Gagik counts guitar idols like John Scofield, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore, Allan Holdsworth to his faves. His student Robert is heavily influenced by bands like Radiohead, Muse, The White Stripes and Pink Floyd. Also interesting are their bonds in the traditional Armenian music, which they present with their own arrangements.

Gagik Arakelyan and Robert Melkumyan_web   Gagik Arakelyan & Robert Melkumyan (left to right)

Both will be accompanied by choirmaster Nina Grigoryan. Her excellent choir has already realized successful guest performances in France, Spain, Austria and Russia. She could use her time in Dresden to come into contact with Dresdner choirs and choral music. Meetings with Prof. Ekkehard Klemm (College of University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, artistic director of the Singakademie Dresden) and choirmaster Mr Matthias Grünert of the Frauenkirche have belonged to it.

Foto_Nina Grigoryan_web   Nina Grogoryan in front of her choir

This activity is part of the project Transkaukazja and is supported by the Cultural Foundation of Saxony, and the programme ‘Wir für Sachsen’.

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