„Wein&Fotografie” – until 18.10.2016

„Wine & Photography“- a first vinographic exposition – The relationship between photography and wine is multifaceted – this might not be obvious at a first glance. However, both looking through a wine glass or through the viewfinder of the camera can change our perspective. Thus we presented your views on the relationship between both cultural goods in a “vinographic” exhibition in our gallery NEUE OSTEN on 10th September 2016. Together with some present photographers we debated, observed and conjectured. All the people interested in photography talked about the sometimes so very different ideas of the topic of “wine” and about the stories and views behind it.

Special thanks go to Laura Schulze, Irina Zhuchkova, Paula Voigt and Julia Missbach.

Opening: 10.09.2016, 7pm (as part of the Dresden gallery walkabout), Galerie NEUE OSTEN, Bautzner Straße 49, 01099 Dresden/DE

The gallery reserves its right for publishing the selected photos. Curator: Matthias Schumann.

Here are some photos of the opening last weekend: (photos taken by Irina Zhuchkova and Laura Schulze)