Insurrection of the Dwarf

Almost everywhere worldwide exist many stories and magic fairy tales about dwarfs. Our little invisible neighbours are always beside us so that means in somehow they are in a relationship with us in our mind and philosophy, maybe sometimes in the real life. Also they could be a kitschy art objects, especially in German gardens. In contrast, they are also used as a symbols and icons for a powerful and subversive opposition against the disaccord and hazard in the political life. For example, a famous underground protest movement Orange Alternative in Poland inspired a several other similar movements in authoritarian countries including Czechoslovakia, Hungary and so-called Orange Revolution movement in Ukraine.
In our opinion nowadays little dwarfs have the great impact to encourage creative people on broader Solidarity movement. The dwarfs also became a symbol of a peaceful protest that used absurd and nonsensical elements in order to express ironic or sarcastic point of view in our life stream. That‘s why we have announced this mail-art concourse.  Also this mail-art project is a direct reaction of the destruction of „The First Monument of Orange Dwarfs“ in Ivano-Frankivsk. Within a project „Insurrection of the Dwarf“ we plan to organise the exhibitions at Ukraine in 2016. All participiants will receive an invitation and a link to the internet presentation.

All kinds of technics are possible: photography, prints, drawings, paintings, collage
Please send us your mail-art works in normal snail mail sizes to this adress:

Mykola Dzhychka, Box 2, 76018 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Deadline: 31.11.2015


Inauguration of the Orange Dwarf Monument in Ivano Frankivsk 29th June 2015


Destroyed after few days!!!