„Cinema Perpetuum Mobile“, Belarusian animation movie evening & talk

Speaker: Ivan Makarov (BY) & Marcus Oertel (DE)
Moderation: Iwona Pawlak
When: Monday, 04.05.2015, 8 pm
Where: Kino Thalia, Görlitzer Strasse 6, 01099 Dresden/DE

Beyond the public cultural policy there’s an independent cultural scene inside of Belarus that consistantly brings up new and inspiring things. The young movie festival „Cinema Perpetuum Mobile“ is such an example, presenting filmmakers from abroad and from Belarus since 2012. Kultur Aktiv from Dresden/DE got in contact with them in 2014 and has now presented a fine selection of Belarusian animation movies in cooperation with „Cinema Perpetuum Mobile“ on 2015/05/04 at smooth Kino Thalia Dresden.

The selected movies – showing Belarusian reality with a kind of mix of ruthlessness and loveliness – have enjoyed the audience with esprit, imagination and contextual variety. Movie expert Iwa Pawlak has moderated the evening and could introduce two more guests: Ivan Makarov, freelancer of the movie festival “Cinema Perpetuum Mobile” from Minsk and Marcus Oertel, cultural manager and CEO of Kultur Aktiv. At the beginning Marcus Oertel had explained the story how Kultur Aktiv got in contact with the makers of the movie festival during the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk 2014. Ivan Makarov afterwards presented the movie festival and explained some cultural and social backgrounds of the screened movies. The audience could talk with the guests during and especially after the screening of the movies.

You can download the programme of the movie evening here: Belarusian movie evening programme

Link to the trailer of the screened movie “HORAD” with music of the band Recha. The movies has been avarded in Belarus and abroad several times.

Link to the trailer of the screened movie “Gérärd – tale of a man”, a Polish-Belarusian co-production.

The event was part of the project „GEMEINSAM – Identität durch Vielfalt“ and took place in the frame of the European week 2015.

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Funded by the Freistaat Sachsen:


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