Kulturaktivisten unterwegs in Wroclaw

From 04/04 to 04/06/2014, we’ll go to Wroclaw. Marta Wierzbowska who recently does European Voluntary Service at our organization will also be with us. On one of the pictures in the gallery you can see her holding an orange dwarf that is being used by Kultur Aktiv in tradition of the Orange Alternative, a Wroclaw based political and artistic movement from the 1980s. The goal of our trip is intensifying the contacts to protagonists in Dresden’s nearest partner city, mainly regarding possible co-operation connected to the fact that Wroclaw is going to be European Culture Capital in 2016.

Our tour group consists of 12 people, including several project leaders and curators who commit to our projects on a regular basis. Besides that we have opened the group for further participants who are also interested in projects with Wroclaw and thereby can benefit from our contacts.

In the course of this, Kultur Aktiv can build on previous experiences and contacts. For instance, cultural protagonists from Wroclaw took part in our project “Train of Freedom” in 2009 and two bands from Wroclaw played at our Lustgarten festival last year.

By having this trip we want to put our contacts on a broader and more recent basis. There are new links because of the fact that the spectrum of Kultur Aktiv’s activities has extended significantly during the last years: contemporary art, photography, multimedia etc, besides that we’re still active in music, youth exchanges etc.

We’d like to thank the state capital of Dresden for supporting the trip!