*And the winner was: Alexander Lukaschenko!*

*Belarussian election evening in Dresden* Sunday, the 11 October, Belarus again elects its president. It was already clear before: Alexander Lukaschenko, with 21 years in office even now the longest-serving regent in Europe, will emerge as the winner.

Here you can see some photos from the election evening:

“Though the election result is not a surprise, we want to use the evening to follow the events on the spot and to discuss the politically difficult situation of the country between east and west. “The development in the Ukraine has a significant influence on Minsk and the election”, add Mirko Sennewald, 1st president of Kultur Aktiv. But also the duration of the term of office holds interesting phenomena, meanwhile a whole generation knows its country only with “Batzka“ (daddy) on the top. Many well qualified young people turned their backs on the country, critical artists went into politcal asylum or quite remain mute about it, and visible political opponents are behind bars. “I would describe the situation in the country as completely paralysed.“, says Sennewald.The association had invited interested people of Dresden and especially Belarussians who live in Dresden to the evening of election. As guest presenter there was Mikita Beliaev of the NGO Liberal Club from Minsk. “We also want to have a cosy evening and to talk with our guests“, Sennewald mentions.

The organisation that is based in Dresden has campaigned mainly for forbidden musicians in Belarus and for the formation of an active civil society for more than 10 years. “As East Germans we have a special responsibility for this issue“, Sennewald explains, who got a general entry ban to Belarus for this reason eight years ago.

Guest: Mikita Beliaev, Liberal Club Minsk
The guest lecture will be in Russian with translation in German.
Moderation: Mirko Sennewald, Kultur Aktiv, Dresden
Beginning: 6 pm
Place: Galerie NEUE OSTEN, Bautzner Str. 49, 01099 Dresden
Entry: free
Because of reasons of capacity we need a previous notice: info@kulturaktiv.org or by telephone: 0351-8113755.

Questions: 0176 1007 3498 (Mirko Sennewald)
An event in cooperation with Wilhelm-Külz-Stiftung Sachsen and Kultur Aktiv e.V.