BRN – We offer space for culture

The Colourful Republic of Neustadt (Bunte Republik Neustadt – BRN) was once the micronation of culture. Not a few complain that these times are long gone. Whining is only fun for a while and actually everyone has a bit of culture up their sleeve, right? Why don’t you and I work together to create culture in public space?

We have already done some preliminary work. The Martin-Luther-Straße between Bautzner Straße and Martin-Luther-Platz has been applied for as an island. In other words: Kultur Aktiv coordinates this street section and clarifies a large part of the formalities with the city administration. You don’t need to worry about special use permits and similar things. Concentrate on music, performance, creative workshop or theatre!

Now it’s your turn! The space is limited, so don’t hesitate and contact us as soon as possible. We will be happy to advise you and help you get your ideas off the ground. These are the possibilities to bring you in:

The line-up for our stage is largely fixed, but a special slot is still available: The opening of the stage programme on Friday. If you are interested, please send us a short message with an audio sample.

Visual Art, Installation, Exhibition
You are an active artist and want to present your works? We have reserved several street areas (2m x 5m or smaller) for you. Design your exhibition, installation or performance there. We provide the space free of charge. Under certain circumstances a subsidy for material costs is possible.

Creative Workshops
Would you like to offer a creative workshop? We will try to provide you with an area for tables. If you offer the workshop free of charge (i.e. also without donation box on the table), the area is available to you free of charge. If you would like to collect donations or participant contributions, please contact us and we will discuss possible costs.

Presentation of your organization or your initiative
You are a member of an association or an initiative group and would like to present your work to a broad public? We have space for tables and pavilions.

Decoration of the street
Luther Street is an island. We would like to develop ideas on how to make the street attractive and coherent. Join the decoration group and get creative.

Residential Bar
In order to finance the whole culture, we plan to organize a resident bar. From residents for residents. You can practically participate in the logistics of the bar and the bar service. The more people we have, the more fun we will have here. The profits flow directly into the cultural offers of the street. You will become the cultural possibilities!

Have we forgotten any more ideas? Do you have any other plans in mind or already on paper? Just come to us!

All activities will be included in our program overview!

Contact us
Simon Wolf, 0351 8113755,