Magazine for the nonconformities

The association’s magazine is published irregularly and, in addition to project results, also represents individual artists or rarely noticed cultural events. The pARTisan Magazine – Almanac for Contemporary Belarusian Culture – is the s the namesake of our magazine. Since 2002 it has been edited by the artist Artur Klinau. An interview with him can be found in partisan 1.

The partisans can either be downloaded as PDF files or purchased in paper form.


MAGnEUROPA appear parallel to the exhibitions in the Gallery nEUROPA. The small exhibition catalogue can be purchased.

Activity reports

The annual activity reports give a comprehensive overview of the activities of the association in the respective business year.

  • Dresdner Nachbarschaften - sichtbar, vernetzt, engagiert! - 2023 | Broschüre

Other Publications