Cooperative Identity

By ‘Kultur Aktiv’ we mean the principle of actively helping to shape art and culture. Our association sees itself as a civil society actor that offers people diverse opportunities to experience values such as freedom, exchange and dialogue in an artistic-creative as well as democratic way. Through innovative ideas and professional project management, Kultur Aktiv has created new cultural exchanges from Dresden to Vladivostok, networked people and created intercultural and intergenerational togetherness. As an open platform, we offer a tried and tested infrastructure and know-how for committed citizens to implement their own ideas in an international and local environment.

Kultur Aktiv was founded in 2002 in Dresden’s Neustadt district to promote art and culture. Since then it has grown into an organisation that knows how to network and present locally as well as regionally and internationally. At the same time, we see our endeavours as a contribution to strengthening civil society and democratic structures and values. Our activities with Eastern Europe offer many starting points for further developing Dresden’s potential as a bridge between East and West.

We cooperate, design and organise events with many partners in Dresden and thus make an important contribution to the diverse and rich cultural life in and around Dresden. We run the photo gallery nEUROPA on our premises. This creative play in planning, applying for and implementing projects with changing contents, forms of expression and partners is an essential part of our Cooperative Identity.


Our association consists of about 30 active members who cover a wide range of different sectors, such as professionals from Dresden’s cultural sector, independent organisers, publishers, music managers, designers, DJs, journalists and artists.

Kultur Aktiv, with its extensive contacts and wealth of experience, also functions as an ideal platform.

Become a member. Don’t be a frog, become a partisan yourself

If you are interested in the work of Kultur Aktiv and want to participate in our decision-making process, you are very welcome as a new member! Then apply for membership now and send it to us at or by post to: Kultur Aktiv, Bautzner Straße 49, 01099 Dresden!

Membership fees

65 € – Ordinary member
29 € – Ordinary member (under 30 years)
30 € – Sympathiser
150 € – Patron

The different types of membership are explained in the Statutes.


Our statutes are only available in German.