Club trip Skopje 2019 – Review

Delegation visit & speaker PIN Conference Skopje, Northern Macedonia within the framework of the Dresden | Skopje town twinning

In the course of the long-standing cooperation and artistic exchange between the Dresden-based association Kultur Aktiv e.V. and PIN Music Conference in Skopje, Northern Macedonia, a delegation of 8 Dresden cultural workers as well as members of the association’s project context also made themselves available in 2019 to Vereinsreise to the North Macedonian capital. – The conference is organized by the event agency „Password Production“ organized and implemented. The “PIN” is also the first and still the only event series of this kind in the entire country and is now “state of the art” in Eastern Europe for efficient and synergetic networking, also and especially in the direction of Western Europe and Germany.

This year the band inspired „Machine de Beauvoir“ with their very own compression of text and pop, which is renowned beyond the borders of the country. Besides the sound, the synchronized visuals in particular caused a sensation.
Basically, the conference brings together an expert audience (including musicians, bookers, festival organizers) and music consumers to exchange ideas, learn from each other and make contacts in discussion groups on various topics. The conference evenings will conclude with a showcase festival, where several international bands and artists will present themselves to the audience.
The venue is the Youth and Cultural Centre ‘MKC’. – Opened in 1972, this institution plays an important role in Skopje’s art and culture scene.

Not least because of the varied space available (foyer, cinema/theatre hall, concert hall), the ‘MKC’ offers space for up to 1500 visitors. This year more than 100 registered delegates and artists could be welcomed besides the running audience. Also the delegation from Dresden was represented with 3 participating speakers in different panels. In addition, of course, there were several opportunities for direct contact with agencies and artists, from which the mutual exchange will also benefit in the new year.

The main objective of Kultur Aktiv e.V., to strengthen and expand the cooperation with our North Macedonian partners and to acquire new synergetic partnerships, could be fully met by the renewed participation. Thus, we will continue to work continuously in the coming years to consolidate and expand the good relations between the twin cities Skopje and Dresden. We would like to thank the state capital Dresden for supporting the trip.