Kultur Aktiv for a new rail connection Dresden – Wrocław

Our organisation Kultur Aktiv is tirelessly engaged in the field of cultural exchange. Poland and especially Dresden’s sister city Wrocław are important places for our work. Therefore we strongly support the Initiative deutsch-polnischer Schienenpersonenverkehr (“Initiative German-Polish railway passenger transportation”) that aims at the re-establishment of the connection for the start of the next semester in 2015. As feedback we received several supportive responses by people who are dependent on this railway connection, e.g. exchange students, culture managers, and artists. At the moment the initiative’ campaign tries to sensitize policy makers and the public to the topic (an article in the Sächsische Zeitung can be found here!).

Especially having in mind that Wrocław will be the European culture capital in 2016 we urgently need this connection. Also we see it as an enhancement of the Polish-German relations in general and agree 100% with the initiative on this point. Right now the initiative is doing a photo campaign, for which we appeal to everyone to take part in it with an own photograph and statement. How You can participate you can find out here!
The initiative also has a Facebook page and an own Youtube channel.