LebensBILD – Review of the first events

Spontaneity was called for. “Write down a sentence, fold the piece of paper and put it in this bag. Pull out another piece of paper and reshape the sentence you drew into a picture.”

This was the task Anja Maria Eisen set in her atelier workshop on July 18 at Stadtteilhaus Neustadt. Only scraps of fabric, snippets and fineliners were allowed to be used and soon only the paper rustled in the room, so concentrated did everyone work on their works. The result was creative illustrations of the sentences, which were handed over in a large round amid much applause.

© Elena Pagel
© Elisabeth Renneberg

This was also proven by the first Meeting Café on July 14 at Johannstädter Kulturtreff e.V. The topic was: “Anna and her father. Patriarchal Childrearing.” The artists Elena Pagel and Susanne Schrader spoke about the social significance of free art and showed how one’s own painful experiences can be communicated artistically. Capturing hitting parents and hitting partners on paper can help with processing. But telling stories about these biographical experiences is also healing and also reveals commonalities – regardless of origin.

On the same day, the biography workshop at Johannstädter Kulturtreff e.V. was also about experiences. There, the artists Elena Pagel, Johanna Failer and Nazanin Zandi encouraged people to tell individual life moments. The method of storytelling was explained and tips were given on how to create a comic or graphic novel, which were to be tried out later. However, the storytelling and listening was so intense that the two hours were felt to be far too short. A good sign for this form of biographical encounter.

© Elisabeth Renneberg
© Verena Böll

An even more intensive encounter with interactive exchange takes place in the tandem sessions offered by the artists. One artist and one participant each meet, exchange ideas about life in Dresden, and illustrate a biographical moment together.

Until the beginning of December, further studio workshops, biography workshops and encounter cafés will take place, in different parts of Dresden.

Text: Dr. Verena Böll, Project Manager

This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament as part of the state program Integrative Measures.
The LebensBILD project is also funded by the House of Resources Dresden.