Representatives of the project partners of “zusammen.HALT” in front of the memorial Bautzner Straße Dresden. Marcus Oertel – Head of the Kultur Aktiv Association, Chief Inspector Lutz Wodarsch – staff member of the Dresden Police Museum Project, Uljana Sieber – Head of the Bautzner Straße Memorial Dresden, Police Councillor Sven Fischer – Head of the Dresden North Police Station, Simon Wolf – Managing Director of Kultur Aktiv
(from left to right)

Together with youth and young adults from Dresden, Saxony, the Czech Republic and Poland, we will use artistic methods such as citizen journalism, MailArt or even role play. The first workshops will take place in 2022.

Another new feature is the close cooperation with the Bautzner Straße Memorial. As an established place of remembrance, they particularly contribute their expertise in working with contemporary witnesses and historical work. In addition, the project is characterised by diverse cooperations, among others with the European Solidarity Centre (Gdańsk, Poland) and Post Bellum (Prague, Czech Republic).

News and press releases

Prospective commissioners research GDR history – kick-off at the former Stasi investigation prison in Dresden On the follow-up day to German Unity, the kick-off visit of a group of Saxon students from the police academy to the Bautzner Straße memorial in Dresden took place as part of the “zusammen.HALT” project. The date drew the focus of the project day to the period of social upheaval in East Germany since 1989. The prospective police executives were given a differentiated picture of how attempts were made in the GDR to establish conformity, even under duress, and how restrictive and repressive measures limited citizens’ individual rights to freedom. The further study work at the Saxon Police College in Rothenburg will furthermore…

Full of anticipation, we are looking forward to the new project “zusammen.HALT”. Together with teenagers and young adults from Dresden, Saxony, the Czech Republic and Poland, we will use artistic methods such as citizen journalism, MailArt or even theater. The first workshops will take place in 2022. Another new aspect is the close cooperation with the Bautzner Strasse Memorial in Dresden. As partners, we contribute our respective expertise in the areas of commemorative culture, international cooperation, work with young people and artistic work. In addition, a variety of cooperations are in preparation, including “European Solidarity Centre” (Gdańsk, Poland) and “Post… 

Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden and Kultur Aktiv give young people an understanding of life in the GDR system In a time of strong social polarisation, the desire for cohesion is growing. How can our democracy meet this desire without shaking its own foundations, which include plurality and individual freedom? “Maybe you stop for a moment when you read our project title,” says Uljana Sieber, director of the Bautzner Straße Memorial from Dresden. “zusammen.HALT” – how much togetherness is desirable, where is the freedom of the other restricted? In order to sensitise people to this difficult balancing act, it is worth taking a look at our history. “Especially for young people we would like to…

Procedure (planned)

spring 2022 – autumn 2023

Workshops Citizen Journalism Workshops

in Dresden, East Saxony, Poland and Czech republic

spring 2022 – autumn 2023

Workshops Role play

in Dresden, East Saxony

spring 2022 – autumn 2023

Workshops MailArt

in Dresden, East Saxony and Czech republic

summer 2023

International Youth Exchange

in Dresden

autumn 2023

Final exhibition

in Dresden, Prague and Gdańsk

The project “zusammen.Halt” is run by the Bautzner Straße Memorial and in cooperation with Kultur Aktiv. It is funded by the federal programme “Jugend erinnert” (Youth Remembers) to come to terms with the injustices of the GDR and will run until the end of 2023.