Music from Ústí on the Christmas market in Pirna

On the 3rd and 4th of December the final presentation of our programme with Czech artists in Germany took place. More than 50 musicians sang and played on the romantic Canalettomarket in Pirna. They encountered an open audience, so you could really feel the fascination for art and culture on the whole christmasmarket.

On Saturday the programme started with the children’s choir Písklata from Teplitz. The children attending year one and two of the primary school Maršovska sang many Czech carols which appealed to the children and families in Pirna. Numerous parents who accompanied their children on the way to Pirna were the cause of a Czech-German language mixture in front of the stage of Canalettomarket.

Susequently it continued traditionally: The quartet of the Cimbal-group played in a classical Bohemian way. After the long-awaited appearance of Santa – who kept greeting everyone with “Dobrý den!“, the songwriter Will Eifel came on stage. Will sings with a sensitive and melancholic voice that is accompanied by his acoustic guitar play. Just like he does in “Ústí-Blues” that has already become a hit in Ústí.

The highlight of the first evening was “The Boom” who do have a reason to call themselvs a Beatles-Revival-Band as they have similarities with their idols in looks and music. Suprisingly many rather unknown B-sides were played in turns with hits like “I wanna hold your hand”, “Daytripper” or “Come Together”. The crowd in Pirna was keen!
On the second day Petr Lüftner and his band broke the first ground. Dynamic pop songs combined with Slavic folklore made the big audience clap in strict time. After that Staročeští heligonkáři walked across the market playing their songs. With their traditional costumes and the special brass instruments they were an eye catcher optically as well as acoustically.
Finally it got loud and crazy thanks to the rock band Točílas. With lots of joy of playing, groove and guitar solos, they made sure everyone had a good time without taking themselves too seriously. Shortly after 8 o’clock the encore was over, it was applauded a lot and the people from Pirna went home happily. We would like to thank you for an amazing weekend with Czech music in Pirna!

Thank you to Zastrow + Zastrow, the operator of Canalettomarket as well as our Czech partner Collegium Bohemicum! We shared a booth on the market where we could inform people about our project and our border-crossing activites.

More information about the muscians can be found here!
The activities are aprt of the project “Region Ústí – a European Region to discover” which is founded by the European Union.