Transformed Moments of the Origin – Second Stage

From 19 November to 21 December 2015 Kultur Aktiv organised an exhibition under the title “Transformed Moments of the Origin” with German, Ukrainian and international artists. The exhibition takes place in Czernowitz (Ukraine) at the Museum of Art of Bukovina, in a great building in the style of the Vienna Secession, and in the private Sweet Art Gallery. After the opening in Ivano-Frankivsk in June 2015, it already represents the second step of this exhibition in Ukraine.

On the behalf of Kultur Aktiv, the participating artists Dirk Fröhlich, Jan Oelker and Holger Wendland have visited the exhibition together with the Ukrainian artist Mykola Dzychka, met local artists in their studios or at the opening event, such as the famous Bronislaw Tutelman, whom we probably hope to invite in future to an exhibition in to our gallery NEUE OSTEN. Additionally, a visit of the famous Jewish cemetery in snowy Czernowitz was obligatory.