VERTOVISm – Call Part 2: Languages of the World in Dresden

Our project VERTOVISm – WorldWideWorknoise deals not only with field recordings of working sounds and noises.

In a second cross-divisional level, we take up classical poetry from various countries. In Dresden and Saxony, a large number of people now live and work who migrated to Germany in different ways. With their different languages and their cultural wealth of experience from their countries of origin, they become part of our project. We take up classical poetry in the respective original language. The sound of the language makes poetry an experience and fits into the sound worlds of the composition of the AGGREGATnEUROPA by VERTOVISm: WorldWideWorknoise. The working world, field recordings and speech sound thus form a unity.

We are currently looking for people who would like to read a poem or a short text from their country of origin in their native language for a recording.

The recordings are made in June, July and August. Get in touch with Christin ( We will then organize a first meeting.

The recordings will then be collected and part of a composition that will be presented in November as part of the VERTOVISm project at Morphonic Lab 2019.