yOUR Community – Review of the summer months – outlook until the end of the year

In the summer months of July to September, the yOUR Community lured the participants out. Almost all activities could take place outside or ‘on the road’.

A bit of sport and celebrations, celebrations, celebrations

In July we met in the backyard of Bautzner Straße 41 – at the second seminar building of the DIFO language school – for table tennis and kubb. The change of teams and partners always offered room for new conversations. The relaxed afternoon of games ended with a meal together on the picnic blanket.
This was followed by the summer party in August. Together with the team of the refugee accommodation K9 we organized a colourful party in the Katharinenstraße. Yoga and table tennis kept the participants on their toes, the barbecue and buffet provided for their physical well-being and the right atmosphere came all by itself.
The summer months ended with a ‘double’ meeting within the framework of the Intercultural Days Dresden. At the Intercultural Street Festival at Jorge-Gomondai-Platz we presented our project at a booth and invited to the Upcycling Workshop (from old to new). On the same day we could be happy about the visit of the colourful community around the socio-cultural centre Die VILLA from Leipzig. Analogous to the Leipzig excursion in spring we led our guests on a city tour through the old town to the new town to the Intercultural Street Festival.

Many thanks to our cooperation partners DIFO – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung and Diakonie Dresden. They provided their rooms for one meeting at a time.

More unusual hiking program

The (water) hike in July – the paddle trip between Königstein and Pirna – fell into the water. The event had to be cancelled due to weather conditions. Instead we spontaneously invited to the free concert of the bands Solche (Chemnitz) and Versiya (Belarus) in the Alaunpark, also organized by Kultur Aktiv.
Besides the unique landscape of the Schönfeld highlands on the outskirts of Dresden, we were also able to experience many exciting things about rural life during the August hike while visiting the smallholder museum in Reitzendorf.
Another highlight was the excursion to Ústí nad Labem (CZ) only a few weeks later. Like last year we drove to the Bohemian city for the intercultural street festival Barevná Planeta. This was the twentieth anniversary of the festival and once again offered the opportunity to experience multiculture and a cosmopolitan Czech Republic.
In September there was also a free weekend to catch up on the paddle tour planned for July. 10 participants sat in one boat and had to navigate down the Elbe together. An undertaking that didn’t seem that easy at the beginning, but which was a lot of fun in the end due to good coordination and welded the group together well.

Dance and gymnsatics at K9

Once a week, Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at K9, the focus is on the combination of movement and relaxation under the professional guidance of course instructor Petra Kiesewetter. Adapted to the needs of the participants or the weather, special exercises and breathing techniques are taught. After the one-hour program everyone has relaxed into the evening and the following week.

We thank our cooperation partners – the DIFO – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung and the Diakonie Dresden – and look forward to further cooperation!

Also in autumn it goes on!

Also in the coming months we would like to invite you to our events. In October we meet for an evening under the motto ‘Your Food – Your Music’ and hike near Freital through the Rabenauer Grund. November leads us into the Lommatzscher Pflege between Meißen and Riesa, with the meeting meeting your favourite literature and the slogan ‘Tell us a story’ is in the focus. In December, a hike in Saxon Switzerland and the annual Year-End party will conclude the meeting.

We cordially invite all interested parties to participate in the various events: free of charge, open to all and everyone!

yOUR Community Flyer 05-07/2019 © Christin Finger