EVS 2012 im Porträt: Valya

Seit Oktober 2011 arbeiten 3 neue Europäische Freiwillige bei Kultur Aktiv, die sich an dieser Stelle vorstellen möchten:

Hello, I am Valya Martirosyan from Gyumri, Armenia. I am 21 years old. I like photography, traveling, languages and art and music…

I have graduated from the faculty of Foreign Languages. I am an English language teacher by my major and I want to major in Sociology or Political Science for my master degree.

I have done a lot of community service in Armenia and in the U.S.A. and for now I am one of the new volunteers working in the organization “Kultur Aktiv”. I love working in the social sphere and developing the community. It is very exciting for me to be here in Dresden, in such a historical and cultural center, and to work in an organization which has been organizing a lot of nice cultural events for the city during the ten years of its existence.

Among those cultural events was also the exhibition “Transkaukazja Reloaded” which became my first volunteer experience in “Kultur Aktiv”. There was a lot of preparation work to do for the exhibition-evening and I am glad I could be of some help. The other big event was the “Show Europe-Show Belarus”, a quite big concert and an exhibition involving artists and musicians from Belarus and Germany. Together with another volunteer I did video shootings and interviews and later on prepared a short film about the event.

Soon, there are going to be organized many other local and international programs, events, concerts and exhibitions to which will participate a lot of local and international artists and share their skills, their culture and values. I hope to be more and more involved in those events and activities and expand my experience in working with the international community.


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