Kramle Festival – our Impression

Kultur Aktiv took part in Kramle festival/Děčín from 10 – 12 June 2016 as a part of Czech-German cooperation. Our three trainees Ia, Jojo and Petra went to see our partner organization Slunečnice and their workshops and festival, in which Kultur Aktiv is taking part for several years now.

As Šárka, one of the main organizers from Slunečnice, told us in a short interview, she created this festival 21 years ago. At that time she was working as a nurse at a mental hospital in a small village and she didn’t like the fact that the patients there had no freedom, almost couldn’t leave the hospital at all. She was also a real enthusiast of music so she decided to organize a festival right in the hospital area. The main idea was to bring the inhabitants of the village to the hospital to see also disabled patients and their world.

Nowadays the Kramle festival itself doesn’t take place in the hospital anymore, but in an open air bike camp in Děčín. On Friday we took part in an art therapy workshop right in the Slunečnice organization and on Saturday we visited the main stage of Kramle festival. There we could see two bands from Dresden and few other Czech bands of different genre. The whole festival area was full of delicious food, beer, different clothes and accessories stands, and full of happy people enjoying the calm festival atmosphere.
Except of the main stage and food stands, there was a special area just for workshops – archery, aroma therapy and also baby corner. We took part in an African dancing workshop and African drumming workshop lead by Akassa from Gambia. Even though the weather on Saturday was changing all the time and became a little cold in the evening, we enjoyed the festival and we hope to continue in our cooperation also in next years.

The activities took place as part of our cooperation at Bunte Republik Neustadt (BRN) with the Kramle-Festival in Decín/CZ. The project “Festival of connected worlds” is supported by the Czech-German Futurefond and the Program “WIR für Sachsen”.