Lustgarten at Bunte Republik Neustast

“Die Bunte Republik Neustadt” is the Dresden Neustadt district festival and since 1990 is being annually organized. There is no particular organizer but everything is being prepared from the residents, from the local organizations or contractors in this part of the town. The Lustgarten project is again our highlight, as through the years the atmosphere there became a real tradition for us. It feels like a group of friends throwing a garden party but everything is a bit bigger, colorful and last but not least, with an exceptional flavor from the whole world.
For a fifth time Kultur Aktiv e.V presents the BRN- Lustgarten in Böhmischen Straße 33-35. Also this year several artists from different countries will take part on this event. With their engagement they support the noncommercial purpose of the BRN festival and will perform for free.
We will take care of the already known relaxed atmosphere, which would be a welcoming contrast comparing to the partly congested street activities at this time. Of course there will be also a party at our place – and how! We spared no effort to organize sponsors and funding to assure a perfect entertainment and catering.
Our attention is focused particularly on the artists, who want exactly like us to express their joy of living and in this way to preserve the original idea of “Die Bunte Republik Neustadt” festival.
Those of you who have interest are always welcome to contact us.