Lustschiff Ahoj! on shore leave

Czech-German project of culture with a new program of “Unity & Splitting“

Attention, change of locations!!

Like on the picture, it could look in November again – but now the extremely dry autumn puts a spoke in our wheel: Therefore, the Lustschiff will not be able to leave his current mooring in Litoměřice (Leitmeritz) to come as planned from the 13 – 17/11/2015 to Dresden. However, the events take place, but in other locations. Where exactly, you can read in the particular event articles.

The title “Unity & Splitting “ has been consciously chosen contradictorily, because while Germany 1990 was being to the path to unity, there was the beginning to a way to the splitting in the former Czechoslovakia. Only the EU accession brought following nations closer to each other. The events on and around the Lustschiff show the contradictory developments in both countries, dissolve them and make them able to experience with artistic means.

Program overview | 13.11. – 16.11.2015

Friday 13. November 2015

17.30 – 19.00 pm – Opening event: Exhibition „Unity & Splitting“
Musical frame by the transcaucasian guitarrists Gagik Arakelyan and Robert Melkumyan. Parallel screening of the documentation movie „Bunte Republik Neustadt“ (1990).

Saturday 14. November 2015

22.00 pm – concert of “King Klong”
The official aftershow party of the award ceremony of the German cartoonist prize with the inimitable band of cartoonists „King Klong“

Sunday 15. November 2015

14.00 pm – “Born in the East – Die Wendekinder Osteuropas“
musical reading session with Juliane Trinckauf and Mirko Sennewald

15.30 pm – Discussion with Eye witnesses
with Dr. Herbert Wagner, Milos Burkhardt and Mirko Sennewald

18.30 pm – „Schiffsmeldungen“
Final ceremony of the literature contest „Dresdner Miniaturen“ (EN: Dresden minatures), with special guests Jaromir Konecny (Jury and Poetry Slam) and Rany (moderator and Singer/Songwriter)

Monday 16. November 2015

with artists from Germany, Czech Republic and from the Caucasus

Many thanks to our partners and sponsors!