Road Me: Eastern Europe Transport & Hitchhiking Tips

This time Road Me will be about the road as itself. Traveling which is not always as comfortable and safe as it is here in Germany – but is pragmatic, inexpensive, sometimes fun and mostly together with others. Where every step or rather stop could drive you in a very unexpected situation.

This week with Marcus Oertel from Kultur Aktiv we will go to the Eastern Europe and learn about adventures which can happen with you there while you are traveling by trains, buses, marshrutkas, planes, horses and all the other possible ways. How to drive with georgian policemen for free, how to jump with a parachute for 20 Euro in Ukraine, why to make friends in the trains is so easy? You will know about it after the presentation and even more!

And for the ones who wants to know more about the road in the Eastern Europe, Iwa Pawlak will tell some thrilling tales and tips about her hitch-hiking experience in Russia and Baltic states.

See you in Atelier Schwartz, our dear travelers!

What: Road Me: Eastern Europe Transport & Hitchhiking Tips

Where: Atelier Schwartz, Förstereistr. 3, 01099 Dresden

When: 3 June, 20:00