Saxony in Dialogue – Call for demoSlam – Now Saxony-wide!

Would you like to argue differently? Join demoSlam – the slam for young culture of conflict in Saxony!

Apply until 24 January 2020 if you are between 18 and 30 years old and live in Saxony.

No more boring discussion rounds – now it’s time to slam! On topics that move society, such as homeland, freedom of speech or climate change. And to questions like: What does this term mean to me? Why does my counterpart understand something completely different? And how can I make my point of view understandable to everyone?

How can I do that?

Understanding Workshop

At the demoSlam you will discuss your understanding of social controversial topics in a three-day workshop together with the participants. And you will learn to use creative presentation techniques to present your own views and experiences in an entertaining way, close to everyday life.

Performance on stage

In pairs with contrasting opinions you present similarities and differences in two demoSlams, in town and country.


After each of the 10-minute presentations, you will get into conversation with the audience – and bring Saxony into dialogue.


Part 1 – Workshop and first demoSlam

Date: 27 February to 01 March 2020
Location: Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

Part 2 – demoSlam on tour

Dates: 14 March 2020
Location: Saxony, location tba.

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Conditions of participation and registration deadline

Young people from Saxony between the ages of 18 and 30 can apply.

Please apply until 24 January 2020 using the online form or send an e-mail with some information about yourself and your motivation to participate to


Your participation in the workshop is free. Travel expenses, food and accommodation will be covered.




    Infos zu Dir und Deiner Motivation

    The project guidelines must be adhered to by all participants when selecting applicants, when working together in workshops and demo slams. The public demoSlam events are provided with a usual exclusion clause, which makes it possible to exclude participants from the audience, who attract attention through grossly disturbing behaviour and/or inhuman positions (see project guidelines), from the event.

    The opinions and positions of the participants do not reflect those of the Verein Kultur Aktiv e.V. or the project team/participants.


    demoSlam is based on the internationally established Science Slam format and was developed in 2017 by Evgeniya Sayko as part of the Hertie Innovation College for the understanding of values in the German-Russian context. In 2018 the demoSlam premieres took place in Dresden and Ekaterinburg, since then there have been several follow-up events and communication workshops. Impressions of how a demoSlam works can be found in the report about the German premiere in Dresden or at

    Saxony in Dialogue tests innovative methods to (re-)activate a lively and controversial culture of conversation. Citizens from different communities enter into the inner-Saxon dialogue about everyday experiences and opinions on topics that are important for society as a whole. Two project modules (workshops, discussion events) contribute to creating encounters and exchanges between village and city dwellers from Saxony.

    The project Saxony in Dialogue is supported by