What means nEUROPA to me…? An exhibition project of Kultur Aktiv e.V.

wichtig 2 KopieWhat means nEUROPA to me – An exhibition project of Kultur Aktiv e.V.

nEUROPA is bigger than Europe – it involves all countries in the world and it is not only Europe orientated.
With our project “What means nEUROPA to me…” we want to organize a Photo exhibition with German, particularly artists and globetrotters from Saxon, as well as the KulturAktiv members and fans, which have a worldwide travel experience. What means nEUROPA to the photographer, what kind of emotions does he relate to the corresponding country, what kind of experience, which products and brands, what kind of lifestyle, politic involvement and cultural activities did he captured with the camera?

Each participant is allowed to present three photos at the exhibition.

The art works will be shown in a Gallery exposition. Currently the spectacular Treibhaus in Dresden Neustadt is booked for this event. An additional feedback will also be given, thanks to our concurrently organized international Workshops.

The works will be also presented on our new website Radio nEUROPA, if the rights holder gives his approval.

We don’t censure and will do our best to take all transmittals into consideration. Please forward this announcement to other artists who may eventually have further interest.

Please send your photos (*.jpg, high res, at least 300 dpi) until 28.02.2014 (mind the deadline) per Email or Wetransfer (please do not use other sources) to the project member: sandra.luplow@kulturaktiv.org[:]