BENUZ (Victor Manuel Perez Esteves), born 1977 in Mexico City, lives and works in Dresden.

He founded the SF Crew in the young Mexican graffiti scene in 1995 with other graffiteros, takes classes at IAGO (2000, Institute of Graphic Arts in Oaxaca) and at the studio RUFINO TAMAYO, among others, and discovers calligraphy with the master CHAZ BOJORQUEZ in 2006.

Benuz gives courses on urban art in Mexico as well as in art schools such as ENAP. He regularly participates in international festivals and exhibition in Europe. He is one of the pioneers of street art and graffiti in his country.

“With my “RITUAL GRAFFITI” I am looking for new forms of “non-textual” expression, where similar to the ancient Mexican writing tlacuilo (“painting writing”) symbols replace the written language and shape the street art.”