Treffpunkt ostZONE

The project Treffpunkt ostZONE. Remembering and Shaping invites people to exchange ideas about life during the GDR era and to engage with their own biography - across generations and interculturally.

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About the project

Tell us, what was it like during the GDR era? How did you yourself or your parents and grandparents live here in Dresden? What has changed since then?

Come by: In Treffpunkt ostZONE we ask and remember together. In the exchange between generations and cultures about the past and present, every memory is taken seriously: From contract workers who arrived during the GDR era, trainees and students, e.g. from Vietnam, Mozambique, Syria, Hungary, Poland, Ethiopia/Eritrea, from people who have moved here since 1989 or from “native Dresdeners“.

In market cafés, people talk loosely about certain aspects of life, such as “tailoring and sewing: GDR – today”. District walks focus on “living” in different parts of Dresden. In biography art workshops, artists encourage people to create their own experiences as something “tangible and visible“. In podium discussions on various topics, contemporary witnesses, experts and the audience will enter into a dialogue.

Ask and remember: Through biographical storytelling, supported by art, the individual comes into focus and can thereby help shape the memory of society as a whole.

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Events in retrospect

Exhibition and insights into the project

Participants and artists created expressive works and an extensive collection was created. The memories of or about the GDR era are becoming more and more polyphonic and enrich the culture of remembrance. Some of the works are presented in a digital exhibition. The voices of the participants comment on the project from different perspectives and an uncommented photo review can be found in the highlights.

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Library of memories

At Treffpunkt ostZONE, every biography was valued – intergenerationally and interculturally. Some participants wrote down their stories and memories about life in the GDR or expanded their personal collections, which had been created well before the project. The focus was on short stories about life and everyday life in the GDR. Barbara and Wolfgang handed over their notes to us and agreed to publish them.


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Treffpunkt ostZONE. Erinnern und gestalten

The project enables people with and without a migration background to exchange information about life during the GDR era across generations and to deal with their own biographies.



Project participants
Dr. Verena Böll (Project management)
Elena Pagel (Artistic management)
Yvonn Spauschus (Curation of digital exhibition)
Dresden artists as well as contemporary witnesses and experts

Cooperation partners
MEDEA International – FMGZ MEDEA e.V. · Omse e.V. · Quartiersmanagement Gorbitz · Nachbarschaftshilfeverein e.V. · Johannstädter Kulturtreff e.V. · Ausländerrat e.V. · Prohlis ist bunt · riesa efau. Kulturforum Dresden e.V. · Frauenstadtarchiv / FrauenBildungsHaus Dresden e.V. · Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden / Erkenntnis durch Erinnerung e.V. · Städtische Bibliotheken Dresden · Volkshochschule Dresden e.V. · Verein der Vietnamesen in Dresden e.V.

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The project is supported by the House of Resources Dresden+