That was the 10th Lustgarten – the festival is looking for a new location

The BRN 2013 is over and our 10th Lustgarten festival was a huge success!  Despite the flood and assistant shortages we were able to welcome several thousands of guests. One thing is for sure: we’ll be back! We want to use this opportunity to express our gratefulness to everyone who supported us! Unfortunately this year we could use the compound between Bautzner and Böhmische Str as festival area for the last time, since it will get fully covered by buildings. Sice the time after Lustgarten is also the time before the new Lustgarten (and a year goes by really fast), we want to start looking for a new, suitable place today.

We would like you to inform your audience about this. Whoever has an idea or has a suitable compound available shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Lustgarten online

Lustgarten enriches the BRN since 2003. It’s three days of music, chillout, children’s oasis and all kinds of booths – for free! Lustgarten – because a major piece of the BRN’s authenticity needs to be conserved! Even though the evolution towards a BRN that is more and more commercial can’t be stopped, Lustgarten is an oasis for visitors, who appreciate authenticity and originality.  The support of a mainly international cultural program sets an example of cosmopolitanism, within and outside of the BRN. We enjoyed a unique Lustgarten 2013 and we well back next year!


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