Sewing Café - Shaping the future together with patchwork

Sewing Café – Shaping the future together with patchwork

21. June 2023
18:30 - 20:00
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Galerie nEUROPA
Bautzner Straße 49, 01099 Dresden, Germany

Our memory is a place of memories. It is like a mosaic, a colourful patchwork of bright spots and dark patches.

Today, some have lost their homes, others have lost loved ones. Some have become refugees and others have taken them into their homes. All hope for warmth in winter. Whether close to the fighting or far away, all our lives have changed and we ask ourselves questions: what have we lost? How can we preserve the past and build a new future?

Every Wednesday – 6:30 pm – Patchwork at the Sewing Café

Handwork with needle and thread can give support and calm. At the Sewing Café we want to create patchwork. This involves sewing different fabrics together to create new patterns. This can help to deal with pain or simply bring a little distraction and colour into life. This is how we conjure up little works of art, memories and stories to touch.

You are cordially invited to the weekly sewing café. Here you can chat, be in company and at the same time be for yourself, drift and dream. Because a person without dreams is like a bird without wings. So let’s dream together and create something beautiful!

Participation is free of charge. We provide a few needles, yarns and pieces of fabric. If you like, you can of course bring your own materials!


Open gallery – what is it?

In our gallery Galerie nEUROPA we not only present exhibitions of contemporary photographers with a connection to Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, but the space is also open for open meetings, coffee rounds, games evenings, workshops, seminars, think tanks, and so on.

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