Suunflowers and flames

Suunflowers and flames

2. December 2022 bis 23. December 2022
0:00 - 23:59
Besucherzentrum Societaetstheater
Hauptstraße 25, 01097 Dresden, Germany
2.12.2022, 18:30

Window Exhibition – Illustrations from the War

Ukrainian artists are doing their best to support their country and promote peace and a democratic future. During the Russian attack on Ukraine, during the bombing of peaceful cities and communities, they create illustrations to make the world aware of the violence and suffering in Ukraine. Their illustrations show us reflected interior views from the war-torn country and give a deep insight into the emotional state of its people.

Together with and we show some of these illustrations and call for unconditional solidarity with Ukraine. As part of X-MAS for peace, we are showing a selection of the illustrations as a window exhibition. The exhibition is presented in cooperation with Pieces for Peace e.V.




A project of Kultur Aktiv (Germany) in collaboration with Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform (Azerbaijan) and IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives (Ukraine), funded by the Culture of Solidarity program of the European Cultural Foundation and the German Federal Agency for Civic Education.