Aleksey Pavlov – Youth of the North

Thousands of kilometres away from Moscow, the wild sound of Yakutian punk is born in the midst of icy darkness. Here, in the largest and coldest region of Russia, where temperatures can drop to -60 degrees Celsius in winter, rockers write completely independent music.

The history of the Yunost Severa (Youth of the North) association began with self-organisation in 2009, with the members’ desire to make the music they like themselves. They do not position themselves as a label in the conventional sense. Rather, they see themselves as a group of friends united by the common goal of being creative. No more than 30 people make up the scene, and they change positions in more than a dozen bands.

Throughout their time here, bands have emerged that have become cult on the local stage, and some of them have successfully toured outside the republic. The music they write draws its inspiration from the remoteness of the region and the rich indigenous culture. Only rarely do their lyrics contain angry rants or calls for protest: Yunost Severa does not tend to make political statements. Instead, her carefree, funny or seemingly meaningless words offer a kind of liberation.

In the series on display, Aleksey Pavlov juxtaposes portraits of protagonists of the “Youth of the North” and concert photos with wintry cityscapes. It’s also worth following the links and soaking up the energy of the Youth of the North bands acoustically – hot tracks from the cold pole!

Playlist to listen to

Siyaniye / СИЯНИЕ (2020)
Leto Vremenno / лето временно (2016)
Drrones (2021)
Izbiyeniye Tsepiyu / избиение цепью (2015)
Imya Tvoey Bivshey / Имя твоей бывшей (2018)
Philosophia / философия (2015)
Crispy Newspaper (2020)
Katiny Slezki (2019)
OBLAKA (2019)

Alexey Pavlov

Russian photo artist Alexey Pavlov (born 1994) comes from the village of Borogontsy in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the coldest region of the country. He currently lives in Saint-Petersburg.

Pavlov is a graduate of the school of modern photography “Docdocdoc” in Saint-Petersburg and was a participant of the Vyksa Art Residence, the Eddie Adams Workshop and the VII Academy. He is a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers.

In his work he focuses on the peculiarities and problems of socio-cultural interaction in the post-Soviet space. His photo series have won awards and been shortlisted for competitions such as the Sony World Photography Awards, College Photographer of the Year, PhotoVisa, World Biennial of Student Photography. With his series “Boyhood” he was shortlisted for this year’s PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award.

The series” Youth of the North” is presented in the gallery nEUROPA as a satellite exhibition complementary to the series “Boyhood” shown at PORTRAITS 2021. Curation: Jan Oelker

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