Ingo Morgenstern

Ingo Morgenstern turned his hobby into a profession in 2016 as a trained science photographer and master photographer. He is involved in many associations with short films and photo shoots. He has been enthusiastic about the work and development at Steinleicht e.V. for years.

He has already documented and filmed several projects and activities of Steinleicht in the municipality of Nebelschütz. He already knows many actors and residents.

Norbert Schäfrig’s story about the transformation of the site of the former quarry at Krabatstein was nevertheless new to Ingo Morgenstern, as was the contact with Gerhard Lilge. Thus, with the film “Der Um/Bruch”, a new film was made, which, however, follows the style of earlier films. Nature takes up a large part of the perception. People act as part of nature and the environment. Ingo Morgenstern had been to Nebelschütz several times in preparation for “Der Um/Bruch”. The actual film shoot was not realised in one piece, but in a longer process from January to April 2022.